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From listening to and analysing the common interests and requirements of their customers, printMAX have created the printMAX Community. This scheme will enable small and large businesses alike to benefit from 'sharing' their machines and in house print and finishing capabilities, so that they may never have to turn down another job!

If they don't have the products to produce the customers requirements - another printMAX community member will - this will get passed on, yet original client keeps full client control/rights.

Never turn down another job!



"When we were approached by a local business to re-vamp their shop front & car park signage, it quickly  became clear that we could not produce all the prints ourselves.
Rather than turn down a great job, we turned to the printMAX community, within 24 hours of posting the job we had contacts with a company who could help.
It turned out to be a great reward for little effort. Since then, we have taken & quoted on many other jobs and still been able to turn a good profit thanks to the community".

"Just like to recommend the "printmax community" – A decent size print/finishing job came my way but I only have printing facilities here, so decided to give the Printmax Community a punt. Completed the printing in house and farmed out the finishing - no hassle, kept the client. Would do it again!".


Join the printMAX Community and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Keep Idle machines busy with community business
  • Offer more services with access to all community machines
  • Mix & Match community machines for finishing
  • Get first dibs on printMAX deals
  • Compare competitive quotes from trusted community members

Sounds great, I want to become a member!

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