So the next big exhibition in your industry is coming up, in our case Sign and Digital UK 2012. You begin to see advertising everywhere you look, emails, twitter, industry press... and you start thinking, “is this something I should be going to?”

If you haven’t previously attended the exhibition at hand there will be a multitude of questions flooding in. Should I go? Who’s exhibiting? If I don’t go will I miss something big?

These questions are sometimes difficult to answer, whilst you can get a guide for an event it doesn’t always answer all these questions and can sometimes seem a little daunting. 100s of exhibitors, countless seminars and workshops all in 1 day, even if you did go surely it’s not possible to see everything?

You might even then realise that whilst you’re not actively searching for a new product it might be handy to see if you can get a better alternative for something you already own or work with?

I realise I’m asking a lot of questions but not giving you any answers. With Sign & Digital UK only 2 weeks away our Business Manager Adam Wyles will be presenting you with a daily tip on how to attend an exhibition. Whatever your dilemma and at whatever level your question might be, we aim to solve it. If this exhibition isn’t applicable to you, it’s still worth checking out – the next time an exhibition pops up you might find yourself asking one of these questions!

So from Weds 14th march, keep an eye on printMAX social media or the Roland forum each day for an extra hand in organising your exhibition experience.

Sign & Digital UK 2012